27 October 2007

Homemade MP3 Player

This was done back in July of 2004, but I thought I would put it up on here for all to see.

Instead of going out and buying a $150 mp3 player I decided to make my own of some old stuff I had laying around. This is my 6gig mp3 player. Made from an old 200mhz Compaq Presario. It has 64mb of ram and is running Gentoo Linux. It has approximately 1500 songs on it.That little screen you see there is my "monitor". Its actually an old black and white TV. The video signal comes out of my system through RCA and is converted to coaxial by that vcr down on the bottom. From there the signal goes to that itty bitty screen. The sound is connected to that 400w stereo up on top and from there is connected to 4 humongous speakers in my room. This took 3 days to put together. All of the music is controlled by my keyboard. Click the picture to see a larger picture.

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