24 November 2007

SMC Wi-Fi Skype Phone

I received my new SMC Networks WSKP100 WiFi Skype phone and have started using it. At first there were a couple of little bugs that were bothering me, but I went to the SMC website and downloaded the latest firmware update. It fixed the main problem I was having (calls weren't being diverted to my voicemail). One important thing to note. The original firmware that came with the phone gave the impression that it checks for firmware updates automatically and can download them without the assistance of a PC. But it turns out that this functionality was only added in a recent firmware upgrade.

So far I am fairly satisfied with my phone. It has very good sound quality and decent connection quality most of the time. Occasionally the software will lock up requiring a reboot. This is not too surprising considering that the software operates fairly slowly. When you are in a phone call with an automated touch tone system (such as bank-by-phone or a voicemail box) the keys presses respond very slowly if at all which can make it difficult or impossible to operate. There is also a noticeable delay in the phone conversation.

I intend to use it in place of a landline in my new apartment since our new apartment doesn't have a regular landline. I think it will suffice, but it definitely isn't the best product I have ever used.

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