06 February 2008

Eee PC 4G with Windows XP

I purchased one of the new ASUS EeePC's this week for my wife's birthday. I grabbed a 2GB RAM upgrade and an 8GB SDHC Flash Card for extra storage space. It all added up to just under $500 including shipping.

Newegg.com Shopping List:
I was able to use nlite to slipstream my Windows XP Pro cd to slim it down. Then I used an external DVD-rom drive to install XP on the EeePC. I was able to install Office XP, iTunes, Firefox and a handful of other smaller programs to the internal memory with 600mb or so to spare. I turned off the pagefile altogether but I didn't compress the drive.

It comes with a webcam and skype works great on it. I installed a little utility that allows me to clock the fsb so that the processor runs at its native 900MHz instead of its underclocked 650 that it defaults to.

The only thing I can't stand about this toy is the right Shift key. It is half size, the left half is the up arrow and the right half is shift. I'm used to hitting the left half of the shift key so I often end up moving up a line or moving to the head of the line instead of shifting. Luckily it isn't for me, otherwise I might complain more about it.

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