31 March 2008

NOKIA N800 Internet Tablet

I wish I had more time to write good reviews of my new toys such as this Nokia N800 that I just purchased. I know it is always nice to hear peoples likes and dislikes of these sorts of products so let me just sum out what I like and dislike about it.

  • Very portable
  • Long battery life
  • Wifi works great
  • Fun to play with
  • Other people think its cool when they see it
  • Runs linux
  • Has lots of neat applications and games ported to it
  • Renders web pages almost flawlessly
  • Has up to 16GB (supported) SD expansion
  • Plays music and movie files
  • Has been around long enough to have upgrades to fix a lot of bugs it used to have
  • Runs skype
  • Can be tweaked quite a bit
  • Has decent sound quality
  • Has a built-in web cam, microphone and speakers

  • Can run slow if you have too many things running
  • None of the input methods are extremely convenient
  • Doesn't have a vibrate feature
  • Doesn't come with Calendaring software or Personal Info Manager (though there are some semi-decent, free, third party apps for this)
  • Can reduce productivity because it can be distractingly fun to play with
  • Camera doesn't work with skype (but it does work with google talk)
  • It is a little bit bigger than your average handheld (but not too big)
  • Doesn't read minds

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