15 March 2008

Southwest Ding! via wine and ies4linux

  1. Install wine (enable universe, apt-get install wine)
  2. Download the ies4linux script, run default install for ie6
  3. Download Ding! to your desktop
  4. Open up Internet Explorer 6 and in the address bar, type the following(replace *your unix username* with, well your unix username) and click go:c:\windows\profiles\*your unix username*\Desktop
  5. Double click on the Ding! icon, accept all of the defaults and install it.
  6. There should be an icon in your application menu, this shortcut should work, though your desktop shortcut may not.

Source: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=477548


  1. Thanks!


  2. One caveat to this: I have found that if you leave Ding! running for extended periods of time, there may be a memory leak or something because wine/ding will begin to take up tons and tons of memory and hog the cpu. If left on for over 2 or 3 hours it can render the system useless until it is killed.

  3. I have ding installed, but when following the link to see the deals, it opens ie and the page is blank....it never opens the southwest page.....running xubuntu edgy...

  4. For me it also opens up IE but it does go to the ding page. Does IE show anything in the address bar?

  5. no it shows nothing in the address bar..sorry about the delayed reply.

  6. I'm running it on Ubuntu Hardy and I used to run it on Gutsy. But I've never run it in xubuntu. I'm not sure what to tell you exactly. Sorry. Unless someone else who reads this and has any ideas. You can always try reinstalling ie and/or ding.