06 October 2008

LDSJournal: What I wanted for Journalness

For those of you who have never heard of LDSJournal.com, it is a website that allows you create a password protected online journal. It allows you to add photos to your entries and search them. It has a cool "About Me" section that poses lots of good questions that your future posterity might be interested in knowing about you. But the best thing about LDSJournal is that they will let you have your journal printed and bound. The whole reason I started my Journalness web journal project on sourceforge.net was so that I could have a place to journal online that would be secure. The only problem about it was what would end up happening to it in the future. I didn't really have an ideal solution for printing or storing the whole journal. So far I really like LDSJournal. They are still in beta stages right now and aren't offering any of the paid features.

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