11 December 2009

From Ubuntu 8.10 to Debian 5.0

I've been itching to switch Linux distributions lately on my laptop. I've been using Ubuntu for some time now with Intrepid Ibex as my latest installation, but ever since I was first introduced to Red Hat Linux back when I was about 14 years old, I have enjoyed two major aspects of the operating system. First, I love working on it and figuring out how to get things to work, then writing down how I did it. Second, I like using an OS that isn't the mainstream that everyone uses. I think it's great that Linux is gaining popularity and that Ubuntu works so well that more and more can use it, but part of that fact makes it slightly less appealing to me.

Because of that, I have been trying out some of the "2nd bests" out there. After playing with Gentoo, openSUSE, freeBSD, Sabayon and Mint, I settled on getting back to Ubuntu's roots by swtiching to Debian Linux. I have been using Debian for webservers for the last couple of years, but I have never really used with a desktop environment. It just so happened that Debian finally released version 5.0 Lenny yesterday as stable, so I decided to try it out and see if it would do everything that I want to do without being Ubuntu. And so far it is working out great. My next post will likely be a howto for intalling it on a Toshiba Satellite laptop.

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