17 December 2009

Linux Mint 8 Helena

The other day I decided to remove Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic and install Linux Mint 8 Helena on my work computer. There were a few bugs in Karmic that were bothering me so I decided to try out Mint's latest release, based on Karmic.

I haven't had any of the problems with Mint that I had with Karmic, but I still get all of the fun little upgrades that did come with Karmic since Mint is just a slight modification to Ubuntu. The update manager works correctly now and they also added the home folder encryption option to the graphical installer. Best of all, it comes with all of the plugins and proprietary programs (flash, reader, java, etc.) that are a pain to get setup when installing Ubuntu. I also really like the default theme that comes with Mint.

The one annoyance that I have found in Mint is that it replaces the Google search in the Firefox toolbar with a custom Google search that provides ad revenue to Linux Mint. I'm all for Mint finding ways to get revenue, but they make it somewhat difficult to fix.

The following site proposes a good fix for this:

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