11 December 2009

New 13” MacBook Pro

Two weeks ago Apple announced a new line of MacBook Pro’s. Among those was a new 13” MacBook Pro. My wife and I had been planning on buying a white MacBook this summer, but when the new 13” MBP was announced I decided it would be worth a couple hundred more. I was able to get a $100 student discount and also a free iPod Touch (which I sold on eBay to further subsidize the MBP purchase). I threw in a $90 RAM upgrade to 4GB and I was set. After taxes and including all the rebates and the sales of the iPod touch I spent about $1130 on the new MBP.

This is my first Mac. Growing up with a father that worked at Intel and being subject to Mac’s in elementary and middle school, I have always had a strong internal dislike for everything Apple. Now that they have a Unix-based OS and Intel hardware, the only thing I still tend to dislike is their business model. But slick products and a spouse that tends to like Mac’s have finally persuaded me to give in. I thought this would be a perfect opportunity.

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