13 January 2011

Copy/Paste on Kindle 3

I just found this post today. I had been wondering if a copy/paste feature existed. I often find myself looking up something from a book I'm reading using wikipedia.

To copy/paste a passage into a note or a search:
Start highlighting the passage the way you normally would, but instead of hitting the five-way button to save the highlight, hit the space bar. This will bring up a note box and paste the highlighted text into it. You can then save it as a note, or you can search your kindle, google, wikipedia etc.

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  1. Hey there,
    Thanks for sharing!

    Have you found this post?
    It has a comprehensive list of documented and undocumented keyboard shortcuts and commands for the kindle. Has been regularly updated.

    I was looking, myself, for a way to cut/copy/paste inside of the kindle browser, like in a textarea for editing or emails and whatnot. Haven't found anything so far.