04 June 2012

RootsMagic 5 on Mac OS for free using wineskin

Updated 6/4/2012 For use with RootsMagic 5

For those of you that would like to run RootsMagic 5 Essentials on your Mac without having to pay for a license for CrossOver or a Windows license to run it in Parallels, VMware Fusion or Virtualbox, here is a how-to for installing RootsMagic 5 on Mac OS using wineskin.

System Requirements
Mac OS X 10.6 or 10.7

Download necessary packages
  1. Download wineskin winery 1.5
  2. Download RootsMagic 5 Essentials

Create the wineskin .app
  1. Run the downloaded wineskin zip to extract the application
  2. Move Wineskin Winery to your Applications folder
  3. Run Wineskin Winery
  4. Click 'Update' to update the wineskin wrapper to 2.5.5
  5. Click the + to add the 'WS9Wine1.5.5' Engine
  6. Select the 'WS9Wine1.5.5' Engine and click 'Create New Blank Wrapper'
  7. Choose a name for the wrapper without spaces, ie "RootsMagic5"
  8. Click OK
  9. When prompted, click the button to install Gecko
  10. Click 'View Wrapper in Finder'
  11. Run the RootsMagic5 app by double-clicking RootsMagic5

Install RootsMagic 5
  1. Click Install Software
  2. Click Choose Setup Executable
  3. Select the RootsMagic install (usually RM5Setup.exe)
  4. Complete the install using the default settings and, at the end, uncheck Launch RootsMagic before clicking Finish
  5. Select RootsMagic.exe as the main executable from the dropdown
  6. Click OK
  7. Quit wineskin winery

Run RootsMagic 5
  1. Run RootsMagic5 from the Applications->Wineskin folder that resides in your User directory


  • Copy and paste functions are done using the Ctrl+c and Ctrl+v key combinations like you would in Windows. Not using the command button like you are used to.
  • These instructions can be applied to the full version of RootsMagic, but the websearch  capability may not function properly unless you replace Gecko with Internet Explorer 7.

Please post a comment if you find this how-to useful or if you have a comment or question.


  1. I keep getting a - invalid operation in gdi (code 1) any ideas as to how to fix it? thanks

  2. I got a copy of Roots Magic from a second cousin I found online. He and I are trying to share information and fill in the holes. I have a Mac, and I appreciate the help I have found here! Thanks, and wish me luck!

  3. Awesome tutorial! This is my first time using Wineskin. I was able to use this to get the new RootsMagic 6 to run. In order to get this to work, I had to go into the Advanced menu and use WineTricks to install the GDI Plus library. After doing that, it worked great!

  4. Jimmy,
    Thanks for the info. I went ahead and created a quick tutorial for RM6. It can be found here http://blog.drewwithers.com/2012/12/rootsmagic-6-on-mac-os-x.html