15 February 2011

RootsMagic 4 on Ubuntu Linux 10.10 using wine

As of Feb 12, 2011, RootsMagic 4 (version now supports the New FamilySearch functionality in wine. I was able to get all of the functionality of RM4 working in Ubuntu Linux 10.10 using wine1.3 including RootsMagic To-Go, New FamilySearch and WebSearch. This install doesn't require a Windows license or the use of a virtual machine.

Install wine1.3
Execute the following commands
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa
sudo apt-get install wine1.3
Install Internet Explorer 7 
(adapted from here)
Run winetricks and select and install the following packages:
  • comctl32
  • corefonts
  • gdiplus
  • ie7
  • msls31
  • msxml3
  • msxml4
  • msxml6
  • riched20
  • riched30
  • tahoma
  • winxp

Install RootsMagic 4
wine RM4Setup.exe
When the install is complete, run RootsMagic
Open a .rmgc file or create a new one
In the file menu at the top, navigate to Tools -> File Options -> FamilySearch
Check the box that says "Support FamilySearch under CrossOver Mac"
Make sure this box is checked each time you run RM4 otherwise it will crash when you attempt to use any of the FamilySearch functionality.

Setup USB device for RootsMagic To-Go
Plug in your flash drive
Execute the following commands using the location of your flash drive for {device}
cd .wine/dosdevices
ln -sf /media/{device} f:
 Now when you run RootsMagic To-Go, your flash drive will be drive f:

Install Ancestry.com Image Viewer
Download the zip from http://search.ancestry.com/Browse/Institution_x_download.aspx
Execute the following commands
cd .wine/drive_c/windows/system32
unzip MSFImgVwr.zip
wine regsvr32 mfimgvwr.ocx
Enable Printing
Just add a printer in Ubuntu and it will show up as an available printer in RM

Please post a comment if you see any mistakes or need any clarification. I hope this helps others. I was very excited when I was able to get all of these things working. 

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  1. Cool I was able to find your blog and learn more about how to do this in Ubuntu and created a launcher for it as well:

    I actually just tried it with the ie7 and it worked, but have not extensively used it.
    I have a tutorial for mac as well: