25 May 2012

Pandora volume ramp alarm clock with Tasker for Android

I wanted to wake up to Pandora music in the morning rather than the boring alarm sounds that come standard with my HTC Rezound running CleanRom 4.5 with ICS. I wrote a set of Tasker profiles, tasks and a scene to allow me to set multiple alarm times that will kick off Pandora, start the volume low and gradually ramp up the volume as the music plays. It also displays a snooze/dismiss dialog which will allow you to snooze the music for 10 minutes at a time or disable it until the next day.

The zip file includes 3 profiles, 4 tasks and 1 scene.

Alarm - Main alarm profile
Alarm Ramp - Optional volume ramping profile
7am Alarm - Sets alarm for 7am. Should be used as a template for creating other alarm times.

Pandora Alarm - Task that force closes Pandora if it is idle in the background, then starts Pandora anew so that it will automatically play
Kill Pandora - Force closes Pandora so that it will not run idle in the background
Ramp Volume - Increments the volume gradually as time goes on
Start Alarm - Sets the alarm variable which kicks off the Alarm profile

Alarm - Displays snooze and dismiss buttons

Pandora Alarm v1 - 5/25/2012

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