03 December 2012

RootsMagic 6 on Mac OS X

For those of you that would like to run RootsMagic 6 Essentials on your Mac without having to pay for a license for CrossOver or a Windows license to run it in Parallels, VMware Fusion or Virtualbox, here is a how-to for installing RootsMagic 5 on Mac OS using wineskin.

System Requirements
Mac OS X 10.6+

Download necessary packages
  1. Download wineskin winery 1.7
  2. Download RootsMagic 6 Essentials

Create the wineskin .app
  1. Run the downloaded wineskin zip to extract the application
  2. Move Wineskin Winery to your Applications folder
  3. Run Wineskin Winery
  4. Click Update to update the wineskin wrapper to 2.5.12
  5. Click the + to add the 'WS9Wine1.7.1D3DBoost' Engine
  6. Select the WS9Wine1.7.1D3DBoost Engine and click Create New Blank Wrapper
  7. Choose a name for the wrapper without spaces, ie "RootsMagic6"
  8. Click OK
  9. If prompted, to allow "WineskinX11" to accept incoming network connections, click Allow
  10. When prompted to install Mono, click Cancel
  11. When prompted to install Gecko, click Install
  12. Click View Wrapper in Finder
  13. Run the RootsMagic6 app by double-clicking RootsMagic6

Install RootsMagic 6
  1. Click Install Software
  2. Click Choose Setup Executable
  3. Select the RootsMagic install (usually RM6Setup.exe)
  4. Complete the install using the default settings and, at the end, uncheck Launch RootsMagic before clicking Finish
  5. Select RootsMagic.exe as the main executable from the dropdown
  6. Click OK

Install GDI+
  1. Using a web browser, download this update
  2. Save the file in /Users/<username>/Library/Caches/winetricks/gdiplus
  3. Back in the wineskin window, click the Advanced button
  4. Select the Tools tab at the top
  5. Click Winetricks
  6. Search for 'gdiplus'
  7. Expand dlls
  8. Check the box next to gdiplus
  9. Click Run
  10. Click Run
  11. When installation is finished, click Close
  12. Exit wineskin Advanced

Run RootsMagic 6
  1. Run RootsMagic6 from the Applications->Wineskin folder that resides in your User directory

  • If RootsMagic6 fails to open with a GDI+ error, there was likely an issue when you ran the "Install GDI+" steps. Pay close attention to any messages that winetricks produces when executing step 10.
  • Copy and paste functions are done using the Ctrl+c and Ctrl+v key combinations like you would in Windows. Not using the command button like you are used to.
  • These instructions can be applied to the full version of RootsMagic, but the websearch capability may not function properly unless you replace Gecko with Internet Explorer 7.

Known Issues:
  • When setting the default file locations using Tools > Program Options > Folders, you may not be able to select locations on the Z: drive. When I did this I received errors. I was able to get around this by selecting the same location using the / directory in the browser instead.

Please post a comment if you find this how-to useful or if you have a comment or question.


  1. I just ran into an issue where I cannot add Facts. It prompts for a fact type and then just hangs when I try to select it. I can't get the box to close. I haven't installed IE7. Do you think that could be related? Have you run into this issue?

  2. I can't imagine needing IE7 for the factbox. Gecko should take care of most web browser based issues including using the FamilySearch features. I just tested the facts on mine and have no problems. I have RM6 setup exactly as outlined above.

  3. I got it working by installing all of the winetricks listed here:


    I the last 2 I ran were ie7 and winxp, which I think fixed the problem (I had checked it right before installing these and it didn't work).

    Excited to have a fully functional app.

  4. Will this app work with RM4?


    1. Julie,
      I originally did this with RM4 but accidentally removed that post from my blog. The instructions are very similar. It is worth a try.