02 September 2013

Google Cloud Print Server on Debian Linux

About a year ago I was looking for a way to use my Debian Linux print server as a way to print from my Android devices using Google's cloud print service. I found a way using a python script someone had written, but it wasn't ideal and eventually stopped working. It looks like since then, Google has produced a more official way of doing it, though it isn't as simple as just installing deb package. They have also created a free official cloud print app for Android so you don't have to pay for a third party app any longer.

I followed the instructions here in order to get Chrome setup in headless mode and connected to my Google account. I had to create an application specific password in the security menu on Google since I use 2-factor authentication.

I used the info here as a starting point to create an init script that would be started at boot time by placing it in the /etc/init.d folder and using the update-rc.d command to add it to the boot sequence.

Here is a link to the init script I used.

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